Misbah Ashraf

Product and Growth Evangelist.


Hello, my name is Misbah Ashraf and I formerly led Product and Growth at Toymail backed by YC, Amazon and Shark Tank.

I previously founded Cibola, a payment venture after dropping out of college with my friends from IIT Delhi. Working with multiple startups on Product and Growth led me to understand the need for growth from the very first day of a product launch. My time spent working with startups across three continents and growing a user base from 0 to 100k without marketing spends, only added to my experience. I have also partnered with former Youtube India head, to launch an initiative under India Goes Global, where we are on a mission to help entrepreneurs achieve sustainable growth.

My passion lies in building products that users find delightful, and this drive is perfectly complemented by my love for people, numbers and winning. All my energy comes from bringing order to chaos, solving problems before they surface and staying focused when the going gets tough. My best words have been featured in Huffingpost, Techinasia, Techcrunch, Yourstory, Inc42, Startup Grind, Hackernoon, Business Insider, Business World, Bangalore Mirror and others.

Need help on product and growth? Please send me an email.